Welcome to Notapom Productions!


Notapom Productions is a Hamilton-based theatre and entertainment company, working with local artists to stage classic and original Canadian works. With your help, we can continue to build the arts community in Hamilton and the GTA, and work toward a more diverse and inclusive artistic society. Notapom is constantly creating art through performance, and can be found participating in various theatre festivals as well as staging independent productions.

Please enjoy your time on this website; check out our post-show image gallery to see some familiar faces in behind-the-scenes shots and poster images from previous productions. Buy tickets for our upcoming shows directly from here. Read articles from our founding team and other members of the Notapom community. There are links to our social media platforms and you can become a Patron if you’d like to contribute to our work—if you’re inclined to lend us your talents, reach out to us directly and we’d love to collaborate!


We're more than just your average theatre company.


These articles, reviews, musings, and sometimes even draft scenes are to create discussion and express the many voices and opinions within the Notapom community. With open dialogue and self-expression, we hope that the artistic scene in Hamilton will continue to grow. Articles are submitted individually, with little to no instruction, editing, or censoring from the Notapom Team. If you’d like your voice heard here, please contact us directly.